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For an attorney in the southern zone, I always recommend Rosario Araya of Pacific Coast Law as a person to start with. She specializes in real estate and corporations, and can help with any number of other needs as well. I have known her since before she got her license to practice law and have always respected her integrity, her excellent English, her intelligence, and her unfailing cheerfulness when dealing with my clients. They consistently remark on the same things and give her top reviews.

Full disclosure: My wife Tammy works with Rosario as Client Liaison, document reviewer/translator, researcher and more.


Full disclosure #2: About once a week I get an invitation to have lunch with Rosario and Tammy at their office. It's always a pleasure to accept.

Licda. Rosario Araya A.

Notary and attorney at law

C.R. phone number: (506) 2787-0446

U.S. phone number: (972) 238-0088

Dominical, Costa Rica.