• Ron Snell

We've Got the Bug.

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

A few years ago, shopping for a compact waterproof camera, I bought an Olympus TG-3. It worked splendidly for water activities, but I began to notice reviews about the macro function, which of course I had never tried because I'm not terribly techie. My kids would say that's an understatement.

So on a whim one day, I tried the macro. Wow. Suddenly I was taking pictures so close to things that they were brushing the lens. And most of those "things" were bugs. You cannot believe how interesting bugs are when you blow them up. I mean with a camera. Now I'm collecting pics for a coffee table book: "Costa Rica Insects Up Close and Personal." Watch for it on the NYT Bestseller list.

Unless you're an entomologist, it's likely that bugs bug you. But that's really sad, and you need to get over it. Some of the most fascinating things in the world are things that bugs do, and you've been missing out. Keep in mind as you look at the pictures that only one of these bugs is so poisonous you wouldn't ever want to touch it--and that's the cute fuzzy one.

So now I'll quit writing and let you just see what I mean.

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